About Us


What was formerly called Crystal Crate & Cargo has changed ownership.  Sally Berlin and I formed a working relationship over 5 years ago when I asked her if she would like to sell 5:14 Candles at the store.
Little did I know that this relationship would bring me to where I am now. 
In early 2021 Sally decided she was ready to retire, she sold the building and the business, and headed back to her hometown of Traverse City to enjoy her flower beds, entertaining, and relaxation.

When I first purchased the store from Sally, I had a business partner, and we renamed the store from Crystal Crate & Cargo to Grace & Laurel.  After doing so, we had much confusion about who Grace & Laurel were as well as what type of products we carried. 

In July of 2022 I became the sole owner of the store and have chosen to rebrand/rename to Evergreen Mercantile.  Evergreen trees are symbolic of everlasting life, faithfulness, and hope.  Even in the dead of winter evergreen trees thrive.  This is symbolic for me as I strive to remain faithful and full of hope.  I will continue to bring light and hope even in hard times. 

I look forward to continuing my journey with you and appreciate your support so much!

Emily Pangborn